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Issues such as elevated medical costs, long waiting lists and dissatisfying local healthcare is now making people realize the benefits of medical tourism. In D.H.S., we provide healthcare and treatment with affordable costs, and we treat patients with care and professionalism.


Let us evaluate your case for free! Our medical experts will be able to provide targeted recommendations for future treatment plans tailored for your needs, focusing constantly on high-quality healthcare.


Taking into consideration the diversity and needs of international patients, we recognize the importance of having a friendly, honest and professional individual to exclusively assist you throughout your medical journey.

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Oncology & Cancer Treatment

In Diamond Health Services we cooperate with innovative, fully equipped and organized Oncology clinics with excellent professional staff and state-of-art technology equipment. Our clinics are always available to patients, ready to provide full services 24 hours a day.


Cardiology & Heart Surgery

We offer an array of cardiovascular experts. Our cardiac surgery network is comprised by clinics and surgeons who are devoted exclusively to patients with inherited heart problems and other rare heart conditions. Each year, more and more patients, both children and adults..


Endocrinology & Diabetes

Diabetes can be defined as an elevated blood sugar level which is basically a disorder to metabolism due to partial or complete absence of a vital hormone made by the pancreas, insulin. Yet aging of blood vessels (atherosclerosis), begins long before the appearance of any symptoms. In order to prevent dramatic complications an early diagnosis is required.


Ear, Nose & Throat

Diamond Health Services has the best Endocrine Clinics in its network. Standard units with excellent scientific and nursing staff and advanced equipment, capable of facing any adult and children endocrine conditions.


Gastroenterology & Gl Surgery

Diamond Health Services has the best Gastroenterology Clinics in its network. Our units operate with excellent scientific and nursing staff and advanced equipment, capable of facing any incident 24 hours a day.



Diamond health Services we are proud to cooperate with some of the best orthopaedic clinics globally. With the support of modern technology and the application of the most modern medical methods, our network is able to face the full range of urgent, and chronic orthopaedic diseases.